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Protecting the Rights of Crime Victims

As we all learned in U.S. History or civics class, persons accused of crimes have been guaranteed certain basic rights since ratification in 1791 of the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution, also known as the Bill of Rights. The movement seeking similar protection of basic rights for victims of crimes, however, did not begin in earnest until the late 20th century.  Victims' Rights Amendments and Legislation More than thirty states have concluded that crime victims' rights are […]

Homicide and Its Penalties Under Missouri Law

The notion that execution is the only appropriate punishment for certain crimes is nearly as old as civilization itself. In the 18th century B.C, the Code of Hammurabi imposed the death penalty upon those guilty of more than twenty offenses, including adultery and helping a slave escape. Today, only a handful of offenses are punishable by death under either state or federal law, but homicide remains on the list.   In recent years, a number of states have either abolished capital […]

Dispelling Common Criminal Defense Lawyer Myths

As entertaining as they are, fictional crime shows on television sometimes simplify or even misrepresent the way in which crimes are prosecuted in the United States. In reality, the progress of a criminal case is a complex, confusing and often frustratingly slow process. Because they have obtained their information from TV, many defendants come to their attorney with mistaken ideas about criminal law and procedure. Here are a few of the more common criminal defense lawyer myths we have heard, […]

Protect Your Rights With a Springfield Drug Possession Lawyer

If you have been charged with possession of illegal drugs in Greene County, Missouri, time is not on your side. To ensure that your rights are protected, you need to call an experienced Springfield drug possession lawyer right away. There is no substitute for experience In recent years, many jurisdictions have relaxed their penalties for so-called “simple” possession (that is, possession of amounts consistent with personal use rather than sale) of small amounts of marijuana, cocaine and other recreational drugs. […]

How a Criminal Defense Lawyer near Springfield Can Help

Whether you or a family member are accused of a motor vehicle violation, misdemeanor theft or a more serious crime, being charged with a criminal offense under Missouri law is a frightening and unwelcome event. No matter what the charge, your financial future and possibly even your freedom may be on the line. Do not go it alone – be sure you have an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney on your side. How a criminal defense lawyer can help […]

Drunk Driver Defense Lawyer for College Students

Being accused of drunk driving is a serious crime, no matter how old you are, making it important to hire a drunk driver defense lawyer. A drunk driver defense lawyer will have the proper knowledge and expertise to navigate the legal system and build a strong defense. While people of any age can face similar charges, a college student has more issues to consider than other people. Every action has consequences First, college students who are playing sports for the […]

Call a Drug Defense Lawyer if Arrested with Wax or Dab

With marijuana wax, also known as dabbing, being a new popular trend, people will try it out without considering the consequences. Suddenly, someone is facing accusations of using marijuana wax or dabbing and in need of a drug defense lawyer. No matter the actual situation, it is important to hire one immediately because of the risk of being convicted of a drug crime. Hire someone that understands the system This is a serious charge and one that can lead to […]

A Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You

People accused of a federal crime need a federal criminal defense attorney.  Facing accusations of a crime is serious. It is important to take the necessary steps to ensure that a criminal accusation or charge does not become a conviction. While there is no way to guarantee the outcome of a trial, an experienced attorney provides patients an effective method for remaining free. Even convicted individuals may have a lighter sentencing with an attorney handling negotiations or representing them in […]

Hire a Sex Crime Lawyer Instead of a Public Defender

If you are accused of committing a sex crime, it is wise to call a sex crime lawyer right away. As one, my areas of focus is to represent those accused of committing sexual assault or rape to provide them with a strong legal defense. Innocent until proven guilty It is important to remember that being accused of a sex crime is not the same as being convicted of one. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of […]

A Victim Representation Law Firm and Uninsured Motorists

If you have been injured in an accident, working with a victim representation law firm is a wise course of action, especially if you were hit by an uninsured motorist. Car accidents can leave a person feeling anxious in addition to suffering physical injuries. The situation only raises tensions when the individual who hit the victim does not have insurance. Since there is a natural level of anxiety associated with how medical bills will be paid or lost wages recovered, the best […]