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I Can’t Afford a Criminal Lawyer

Many times, individuals will find themselves in legal trouble and need a criminal lawyer, however paying for a good criminal lawyer is just not financially possible.  We are going to go over alternatives and ways to make it financially affordable. If you are unable to retain a an attorney, you may have to use a public defender.  A private criminal lawyer is preferred over a state granted public defender because of the case load public defenders carry every year.  In […]

New Updates on Missouri Marijuana Law for 2018 Ballot are Promising

Looking for updates on the Missouri marijuana law? Those who are in support of the Missouri Marijuana Legalization Initiative ballot for 2018 are optimistic that it will make the ballot this year. When the previous attempt to get the initiative on the 2016 ballot was not successful all of those involved immediately began to prepare for the 2018 ballot. They took a close look at what the many other states that have successfully legalized marijuana had done and created an […]

Facing Federal Charges? Time to Hire a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have recently been charged with a federal crime you are going to need a federal criminal defense attorney to represent you in a federal court of law. The federal court system not only has different laws when compared to the state court system, it also has different legal procedures that must be strictly followed. These facts make the federal court system a much more complex legal system, requiring the services of a professional federal attorney. Being charged with […]

Summary of Missouri’s Felony Criminal Laws

Like most states, Missouri has two major categories of crimes, felonies and misdemeanors. This post focuses on the key points of Missouri's felony grading system, including examples of crimes covered and possible sentences. This blog is only a brief summary of certain provisions of felony criminal laws and is not a substitute for competent legal advice. An individual arrested on a serious charge in Missouri needs to consult an experienced felony attorney right away. Even if the individual wishes to […]

Drug Possession Attorney in Springfield, Missouri

One of the issues most frequently in the news of late is the movement in many states toward liberalization of medical and even recreational marijuana laws. Except for some relaxation in 2014 of sentencing for first time convictions of possessing small quantities of marijuana and approval of some medical marijuana use, however, Missouri's drug laws have not followed this trend, and the state's drug possession laws remain among the harshest in the country. Missouri drug possession laws The laws in […]

Protecting the Rights of Crime Victims

As we all learned in U.S. History or civics class, persons accused of crimes have been guaranteed certain basic rights since ratification in 1791 of the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution, also known as the Bill of Rights. The movement seeking similar protection of basic rights for victims of crimes, however, did not begin in earnest until the late 20th century.  Victims' Rights Amendments and Legislation More than thirty states have concluded that crime victims' rights are […]

Homicide and Its Penalties Under Missouri Law

The notion that execution is the only appropriate punishment for certain crimes is nearly as old as civilization itself. In the 18th century B.C, the Code of Hammurabi imposed the death penalty upon those guilty of more than twenty offenses, including adultery and helping a slave escape. Today, only a handful of offenses are punishable by death under either state or federal law, but homicide remains on the list.   In recent years, a number of states have either abolished capital […]

Dispelling Common Criminal Defense Lawyer Myths

As entertaining as they are, fictional crime shows on television sometimes simplify or even misrepresent the way in which crimes are prosecuted in the United States. In reality, the progress of a criminal case is a complex, confusing and often frustratingly slow process. Because they have obtained their information from TV, many defendants come to their attorney with mistaken ideas about criminal law and procedure. Here are a few of the more common criminal defense lawyer myths we have heard, […]

Protect Your Rights With a Springfield Drug Possession Lawyer

If you have been charged with possession of illegal drugs in Greene County, Missouri, time is not on your side. To ensure that your rights are protected, you need to call an experienced Springfield drug possession lawyer right away. There is no substitute for experience In recent years, many jurisdictions have relaxed their penalties for so-called “simple” possession (that is, possession of amounts consistent with personal use rather than sale) of small amounts of marijuana, cocaine and other recreational drugs. […]

How a Criminal Defense Lawyer near Springfield Can Help

Whether you or a family member are accused of a motor vehicle violation, misdemeanor theft or a more serious crime, being charged with a criminal offense under Missouri law is a frightening and unwelcome event. No matter what the charge, your financial future and possibly even your freedom may be on the line. Do not go it alone – be sure you have an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney on your side. How a criminal defense lawyer can help […]