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What To Do After You Have Been Convicted of a Felony

What to Do After You Have Been Convicted of a Felony Being convicted of a felony can be a serious event, not only affecting your personal life, but also affecting your future employment, housing, and potential stigma.  For certain types of felonies, you may not be eligible to receive federal student loans and unable to attend higher education institutions.  Felony law firms are best able to explain what areas are affected the most and how to navigate those issues.  Examples […]

Potential Awards and Settlements

Being the victim of a crime can be devastating and overwhelming.  In addition to the emotional drain, being a victim of a crime can also be financially devastating.  There are two main ways in Missouri for a victim to receive compensation if they are the victim of a crime.  Thankfully, with the help of a victim representation firm, victims have the opportunity to receive compensation. Crime Victim Compensation The National Crime Victim Compensation fund is available in every state.  In […]

What to Do After Being Arrested for Drug Possession

If you have been arrested or charged with drug possession in Missouri, it is essential that you hire an experienced drug possession lawyer to preserve your rights and make sure your case is properly handled.  What happens after an arrest can drastically impact your outcome of the case. There are many rights that most people do not realize they have, which need protection from arrest to the conclusion of the case. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the drug possession incident, […]

Drunk Driving – What to Expect in the Courtroom

Being cited for drunk driving can be overwhelming and confusing.  Most people that receive a DWI (driving while intoxicated) have never even been involved in a criminal case before, much less charged with a crime.   Making sure you are adequately represented in your case is crucial in preserving your rights and keeping our updated on future events and requirements.  Deadlines and timeframes are heavily relied on in criminal law, having an expert drunk driver defense attorney ensures that everything […]

A Drug Possession Lawyer in Missouri Can Help You in Your Day of Court

Looking for a qualified drug possession lawyer to represent you in your drug possession case in Missouri? If you are someone who has recently been charged with drug possession in Missouri then you are probably learning about the serious consequences that come with a drug possession charge in Missouri. Missouri is one of the tougher states when it comes to enforcing drug possession laws and for that reason, it is definitely in your best interest to hire an experienced drug […]

What Happens If I Have Been Charged With a Sex Crime?

If you are ever arrested and/or charged with a crime, it is always essential to ask for a defense attorney immediately. If you have been charged with a sex crime, it is that much more important that you hire an attorney that understands this specific area of the law. There are many variations of sex crimes, and an experienced sex crime attorney will be the best advocate for your case and the most knowledgeable.   Many defendants assume that once […]

I Can’t Afford a Criminal Lawyer

Many times, individuals will find themselves in legal trouble and need a criminal lawyer, however paying for a good criminal lawyer is just not financially possible.  We are going to go over alternatives and ways to make it financially affordable. If you are unable to retain a an attorney, you may have to use a public defender.  A private criminal lawyer is preferred over a state granted public defender because of the case load public defenders carry every year.  In […]

What You Need to Know About High Profile Crime

High profile crimes are described as defendants charged with state or federal homicide or murder offenses and are facing life in prison, extensive prison time, or the death penalty.  Choosing a competent attorney is quite literally, a life or death decision. A major factor that goes into high profile crimes is the amount of years an attorney will work on your behalf handling appeals, which ends up costing the state millions of dollars to prosecute a defendant.  John Gotti’s attorney, […]

New Updates on Missouri Marijuana Law for 2018 Ballot are Promising

Looking for updates on the Missouri marijuana law? Those who are in support of the Missouri Marijuana Legalization Initiative ballot for 2018 are optimistic that it will make the ballot this year. When the previous attempt to get the initiative on the 2016 ballot was not successful all of those involved immediately began to prepare for the 2018 ballot. They took a close look at what the many other states that have successfully legalized marijuana had done and created an […]

Facing Federal Charges? Time to Hire a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have recently been charged with a federal crime you are going to need a federal criminal defense attorney to represent you in a federal court of law. The federal court system not only has different laws when compared to the state court system, it also has different legal procedures that must be strictly followed. These facts make the federal court system a much more complex legal system, requiring the services of a professional federal attorney. Being charged with […]