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What Happens with a First Time Drug Offense in Missouri?

A drug offense in Missouri is serious as laws are particularly strict. Penalties can involve heavy fines and incarceration. In most cases, first-time offenders are treated more leniently than repeat drug offenders but penalties will depend on many factors. How Missouri Defines Drug Possession Missouri law says that you are in “possession” anytime you knowingly control and handle a drug. Even if you are pulled over, and the police find drugs in your car that your friend put there, you […]

Call a Drug Defense Lawyer if Arrested with Wax or Dab

With marijuana wax, also known as dabbing, being a new popular trend, people will try it out without considering the consequences. Suddenly, someone is facing accusations of using marijuana wax or dabbing and in need of a drug defense lawyer. No matter the actual situation, it is important to hire one immediately because of the risk of being convicted of a drug crime. Hire someone that understands the system This is a serious charge and one that can lead to […]

Visit a Drug Defense Law Firm to Protect Your Rights

As an attorney with an experienced drug defense law firm, I know that many of the arrests that occur due to drugs, happen because of marijuana. If a person is under investigation for possession of marijuana, intent to distribute marijuana or growing marijuana, chances are that they are already facing arrest and charged with this crime. There are many different defenses that a drug defense law firm can use. Many of these involve motions to suppress other defenses that focus […]

Reasons to Call a Drug Defense Law Firm

A drug defense law firm is the best way to receive defense for one who is charged with a drug-related crime. Facing charges for a drug-related crime can make the criminal justice system seem extraordinarily complicated. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system is particularly complicated for anyone who does not how to navigate it. A drug defense lawyer understands how to navigate the maze of procedures, forms, and rules, which can be extremely overwhelming and confusing. Proper representation One of the […]

Call a Drug Defense Law Firm if You Are Arrested for Possession

As an attorney with a drug defense law firm, I know that the majority of my clients arrested on drug-related charges are arrested for the possession of a drug. While there are some changing attitudes toward drug possession and drug use, it is still a crime to be in possession of an illicit substance like drugs. In 2014, 1.5 million Americans were arrested for possession or sale of drugs. Of these, 83.1 percent were arrested for possession of a drug, […]

Why You Need a Drug Defense Law Firm

As an attorney with a drug defense law firm, I find that there are way too many people who believe that they can handle their defense in a drug prosecution by themselves. Unfortunately, this is simply not the reality. If you have been accused of a drug-related crime, the reality is that the state, and the prosecution,is probably going to go all out if they believe that they can get a conviction. Even though the veracity of prosecution in some states has […]

Take Your Arrest Seriously and Call a Drug Defense Law Firm

After being arrested, you need to call a drug defense law firm.  I have watched as many people are arrested for a drug crime, do not take the offense seriously, and end up in jail as a result.  The simple act of carrying marijuana can cause you to be arrested and jailed in the majority of the country.  In fact, according to the FBI and the Bureau of Justice, drug crime arrests are the single largest type of arrest made […]

A Drug Defense Law Firm Discusses the Difference Between Possession & Distribution Charges

As a seasoned drug defense law firm, we are familiar with the various types of charges that can be brought against a person caught with drugs or the ingredients to make certain drugs.  It is important to note that even drugs that have been legally prescribed are illegal to have in your possession if you were not the one that they were prescribed for.  An example is if your roommate left their prescription in your car and it was found […]

Call Our Drug Defense Law Firm if You Have Been Accused of Transporting Drugs

If you have been accused of transporting drugs, your first step should be to call a drug defense law firm. Drug statutes, charges, and punishments vary from state to state, requiring professional expertise to properly understand and maneuver the legal process. For example, drug charges are typically separated into three categories: drug possession, possession for sale, and transport. Generally, the punishment for a conviction of simple possession is lowest, and increases with possession for sale, and is most severe for […]

The War on Drugs and Why You May Need a Drug Defense Law Firm

As a drug defense law firm, we represent people that have been accused of all sorts of drug crimes.  Some people get the wrong idea, thinking that there is a certain type of person that uses drugs and is charged with a crime for it.  In reality, drugs are everywhere, and our clients are as diverse as the population around us.  If you are a recreational drug user or a parent whose kids have gotten into some trouble, you need […]