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What to Understand After Being Charged for First-Time Drug Possession

Being charged with first-time drug possession in Missouri is serious because Missouri is one of the stricter drug law states. Based on the work of various advocacy groups, penalties for first-time non-violent drug possession charges may not necessarily have long-lasting effects. Marijuana vs. other controlled substances The laws for possession of marijuana differ from other drugs, which are considered class D felony drugs. For example, possession of fewer than 35 grams of marijuana (or comparable synthetic) remains a misdemeanor in Missouri. […]

Top Five Questions to Ask During Your Drug Possession Attorney Consultation

If you have been arrested for drug possession in Springfield, MO, then it is imperative you hire a drug possession attorney as soon as possible.  Hiring an attorney is the only way to preserve your rights, case, and construct a great defense.   Missouri is really cracking down on drug possession, that is why an aggressive and well-crafted defense is essential.  Having a drug possession attorney helps also preserve all your options, not to mention your attorney will know the court […]

10 Tips From An Attorney If You Have Been Charged With Drug Possession

If you have been charged with drug possession, whether this is your first offense or one of many, the following tips can help change the outcome of this specific charge.  Your greatest asset is a skilled drug possession attorney and a commitment to yourself. 1. You need a qualified and experienced attorney Even if you have been charged with a misdemeanor, a criminal charge is a serious matter that people should not take lightly.  Representing yourself is never the best […]

What to Do After Being Arrested for Drug Possession

If you have been arrested or charged with drug possession in Missouri, it is essential that you hire an experienced drug possession lawyer to preserve your rights and make sure your case is properly handled.  What happens after an arrest can drastically impact your outcome of the case. There are many rights that most people do not realize they have, which need protection from arrest to the conclusion of the case. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the drug possession incident, […]

A Drug Possession Lawyer in Missouri Can Help You in Your Day of Court

Looking for a qualified drug possession lawyer to represent you in your drug possession case in Missouri? If you are someone who has recently been charged with drug possession in Missouri then you are probably learning about the serious consequences that come with a drug possession charge in Missouri. Missouri is one of the tougher states when it comes to enforcing drug possession laws and for that reason, it is definitely in your best interest to hire an experienced drug […]

Drug Possession Attorney in Springfield, Missouri

One of the issues most frequently in the news of late is the movement in many states toward liberalization of medical and even recreational marijuana laws. Except for some relaxation in 2014 of sentencing for first time convictions of possessing small quantities of marijuana and approval of some medical marijuana use, however, Missouri's drug laws have not followed this trend, and the state's drug possession laws remain among the harshest in the country. Missouri drug possession laws The laws in […]

Protect Your Rights With a Springfield Drug Possession Lawyer

If you have been charged with possession of illegal drugs in Greene County, Missouri, time is not on your side. To ensure that your rights are protected, you need to call an experienced Springfield drug possession lawyer right away. There is no substitute for experience In recent years, many jurisdictions have relaxed their penalties for so-called “simple” possession (that is, possession of amounts consistent with personal use rather than sale) of small amounts of marijuana, cocaine and other recreational drugs. […]

Speak with a Drug Possession Lawyer About Questionable Evidence

Many people who have been arrested for a drug crime do not know that there are multiple ways a drug possession lawyer can get the evidence, and potentially the entire case, against them removed from consideration at the time of trial. The court system gives people who have been accused of a crime the opportunity to prove that they will not responsible for the crime. In order to mitigate this, law enforcement and prosecution have to present a scenario with […]

A Drug Possession Lawyer Discusses a Potential Defense

As a drug possession lawyer, I can work to protect your rights after being arrested on suspicion of drug use or possession. It is critical that you call an attorney as soon as possible to ensure that your legal rights are protected. Since a drug conviction is criminal and will go on your record, this is not something that can be taken lightly but must be ardently defended against. Quantity matters There is a clear line between drug possession and […]

A Drug Possession Lawyer Can Review Your Case and Discuss Possible Outcomes

As a drug possession lawyer, I can tell you that there is no single rule of thumb when it comes to penalties and sentencing for drug possession charges. It depends on factors such as whether there are any federal charges involved, the accusations, if you have been convicted before, and how good your defense is. Being a drug possession lawyer, I have seen penalties for a single possession ranging from low fines and a few days in jail to thousands of dollars […]