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How a Felony Law Firm in Springfield, MO Can Help You

If you are convicted of a felony, it is essential to find a felony law firm to represent you. A felony is a serious crime punished by the state of Missouri by more than one year in prison. Regardless of the crime, a felony charge is a very serious matter because it can have lasting effects on a person’s life. To minimize these effects, act quickly and enlist help from a felony law firm to avoid a conviction and protect […]

How to Handle a Felony Charge

Being arrested and charged for a felony is terrifying. In these initial moments of terror, regardless of innocence or guilt, it is important to remain calm even in the face of the unknown.   Exercise the right to remain silent The Fifth Amendment provides all citizens charged with a criminal crime the right to refuse self-incrimination. Remaining silent is the easiest and best way to avoid self-incrimination. If arrested and detained by the police, inform the police that you would like […]

What To Do After You Have Been Convicted of a Felony

What to Do After You Have Been Convicted of a Felony Being convicted of a felony can be a serious event, not only affecting your personal life, but also affecting your future employment, housing, and potential stigma.  For certain types of felonies, you may not be eligible to receive federal student loans and unable to attend higher education institutions.  Felony law firms are best able to explain what areas are affected the most and how to navigate those issues.  Examples […]

Summary of Missouri’s Felony Criminal Laws

Like most states, Missouri has two major categories of crimes, felonies and misdemeanors. This post focuses on the key points of Missouri's felony grading system, including examples of crimes covered and possible sentences. This blog is only a brief summary of certain provisions of felony criminal laws and is not a substitute for competent legal advice. An individual arrested on a serious charge in Missouri needs to consult an experienced felony attorney right away. Even if the individual wishes to […]

A Felony Law Firm Explains How What You Are Charged with Matters

When charged with a crime, speaking with a felony law firm is a wise idea. In some cases, a crime can be charged as a felony or misdemeanor based on the decision of the state prosecution. It is wise to immediately work with an attorney who can speak with the prosecution and attempt to reduce the charges to the lowest possible class of felony. The importance of doing so cannot be overstated given that sentencing is typically very harsh for felony […]

A Felony Law Firm Explains the Sentencing Process

If you are accused of a felony, then you need a felony law firm to represent you. You need the best possible defense to ensure that you spend as little amount of time in jail as possible. Since a felony is the highest level of criminal charge, you need to ensure that you do not take it for granted. A felony law firm is going to have more resources available and more experience than one who rarely handles these types […]

Why You Need a Felony Law Firm

As a felony law firm, we are often surprised as to how many people wonder why they actually need an attorney. The reality is that the law is extremely complicated. This is especially true when you are dealing with a felony charge, one of the types of cases we handle at our law firm.  The truth is that the truth is never simple. And when it comes to the laws of the land the law is extremely complicated.  If you […]

Ask a Felony Law Firm About Due Process and Whether Your Rights Were Violated

As a felony attorney, I represent clients who have been charged with a crime and are seeking a strong defense. If you are in this situation, you already understand how critical it is that you hire an attorney who understands criminal law and how to apply it in your favor. I do, and I will work diligently to protect your rights. Know Your Rights When it comes to criminal law, knowing what your rights are is important for staying free. […]

Do You Really Need a Felony Law Firm?

Too many people think that they do not need or cannot afford a felony law firm to represent them in their case. The reality is this: If you have been accused of a crime that is considered a felony, you need to have representation by a felony law firm. There are numerous reasons for this, which starts with protecting your rights and having a clear understanding of the case. As a civilian with little to no knowledge of how the […]

A Felony Law Firm Discusses Flaws Within Crime Labs

As a felony law firm, we represent clients that have been accused of a variety of crimes from assault to drug possession and more.  If you have been arrested for a crime or think that you might be, give us a call so that you can receive a sound legal defense and your best shot at remaining free. In our office, we see how crime lab reports are frequently used by the prosecution to demonstrate guilt.  At times, the entire […]