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Types of Sex Crimes in Missouri

sex crimes in Missouri are characterized as non-consensual sexual acts; namely intercourse or penetration, which are usually classified as a form of rape. Additionally, Missouri criminalizes other sexual acts such as physical contact with another person’s private parts, usually classifying such acts as sexual assault. It is important for people to understand the various classifications of sex crimes when facing similar charges. Dean Price Law can help to navigate the legal system and act as a sex crime lawyer. Different […]

What to Do If You’re Falsely Accused of a Sex Crime in Missouri

In Missouri, the possible penalties for the commission of a sex crime are very severe. However, false accusations can have penalties that are not sanctioned by the court.  In other words, false accusations should be taken very seriously, and are not necessarily uncommon, especially when related to acts such as rape or sexual assault. In fact, false accusations can negatively impact personal reputations, business relationships, even leading to imprisonment and registration on a sex offender list. Types of false accusations […]

The Rise of Teen Sexting: The Fine Line Between Flirting and Pornography

In this day and age, technology poses a larger threat to American's youth than it ever did before.  Teenagers have access to technology in new ways; the number of cell phones owned by teenagers has only increased in the last ten years. New dangers not previously anticipated have been created, including teenagers and young adults sexting each other without knowing the consequences. If you are in threat of being charged with a crime related to sexting underage photos or receiving […]

A Sex Crime Lawyer Helps Defeat Internet-Based Crime Accusations

FBI’s well-publicized Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) provides an easy, clandestine method to report the many wrongdoings in cyberspace. All sex crimes, from child porn to even duplicitous sales of young children, the internet crimes are documented then sent to IC3. They get looked over, passed on to local or federal law enforcement, then on to the next batch. Problems arise when the world can access the site, and flagrantly report alleged wrongdoing simply because they cannot stand someone. Some […]

What Happens If I Have Been Charged With a Sex Crime?

If you are ever arrested and/or charged with a crime, it is always essential to ask for a defense attorney immediately. If you have been charged with a sex crime, it is that much more important that you hire an attorney that understands this specific area of the law. There are many variations of sex crimes, and an experienced sex crime attorney will be the best advocate for your case and the most knowledgeable.   Many defendants assume that once […]

Hire a Sex Crime Lawyer Instead of a Public Defender

If you are accused of committing a sex crime, it is wise to call a sex crime lawyer right away. As one, my areas of focus is to represent those accused of committing sexual assault or rape to provide them with a strong legal defense. Innocent until proven guilty It is important to remember that being accused of a sex crime is not the same as being convicted of one. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of […]

Reasons to Hire a Sex Crime Lawyer

When accused of a sex crime, it is critically important to consult a sex crime lawyer as soon as possible. It is in one's best interest to hire an attorney as soon as possible when facing criminal charges. Due to the nature of the allegations, it is crucial to have an attorney stand for one's defense. The long term consequences can seriously impact one's way of life. Sexual convictions have consequences Without an attorney, many people facing accusations of a sex crime […]

Protect Your Rights With Help From a Sex Crime Lawyer

As a sex crime lawyer, I can help clients who are accused of a sex crime and facing significant charges.  ITaking a sex crime lightly is never a good idea because the consequences of a sex crime conviction can be long-lasting and can impact the rest of your life. You need representation There is a high probability that conviction of a sex crime can lead to spending time in prison. Depending on the type of crime and in accordance with […]

Build Your Defense with the Help of a Sex Crime Lawyer

If you have been accused of committing a sexual assault, you need a sex crime lawyer on your side.  Remember that regardless of what crime you are accused of, as United States citizen, you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. This means that you have the right to a strong defense and you have the right to make a case for your innocence. Do not assume that just because it is a sex crime that you […]

Sex Crime Lawyer: Fighting the Stigma of Sex Crimes

Call a sex crime lawyer right away if you have been accused of rape, molestation, inappropriate touching, etc.  It is critical that you work with an attorney that understands these charges and how to defend you from them. When it comes to sex crimes, there is a general stigma that is associated with the charges and this can often put the accused at a distinct disadvantage.  It is not uncommon for the public to assume guilt even before the trial.  […]