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Exercise Your Rights With Victim Representation

Victim representation is a legal method to assist a victim, a person who has experienced direct or threatened physical, emotional, or financial harm from the commission of a crime. Not only does the Missouri Constitution explicitly mention the victim’s rights, but the state also includes: Various statutes indicating what rights the victim has to be informed of the criminal case How they might communicate with the judge presiding over the case What input they might have for the case Their […]

What to Do If You’re Falsely Accused of a Sex Crime in Missouri

In Missouri, the possible penalties for the commission of a sex crime are very severe. However, false accusations can have penalties that are not sanctioned by the court.  In other words, false accusations should be taken very seriously, and are not necessarily uncommon, especially when related to acts such as rape or sexual assault. In fact, false accusations can negatively impact personal reputations, business relationships, even leading to imprisonment and registration on a sex offender list. Types of false accusations […]

How a Springfield Homicide Attorney Can Help You

Make no mistake, if charged (or even suspected) of committing a homicide, one of the first responses must include hiring an experienced homicide attorney to adequately assist and prepare the defense. At the risk of stating the obvious, being charged with homicide is a very serious offense with very serious consequences. Unlike other crimes such as assault or theft, homicides are different because another person has died. As a result, situations involving homicides tend to receive increased public attention. This […]

What to Understand After Being Charged for First-Time Drug Possession

Being charged with first-time drug possession in Missouri is serious because Missouri is one of the stricter drug law states. Based on the work of various advocacy groups, penalties for first-time non-violent drug possession charges may not necessarily have long-lasting effects. Marijuana vs. other controlled substances The laws for possession of marijuana differ from other drugs, which are considered class D felony drugs. For example, possession of fewer than 35 grams of marijuana (or comparable synthetic) remains a misdemeanor in Missouri. […]

How to Handle a Felony Charge

Being arrested and charged for a felony is terrifying. In these initial moments of terror, regardless of innocence or guilt, it is important to remain calm even in the face of the unknown.   Exercise the right to remain silent The Fifth Amendment provides all citizens charged with a criminal crime the right to refuse self-incrimination. Remaining silent is the easiest and best way to avoid self-incrimination. If arrested and detained by the police, inform the police that you would like […]

So You Were Arrested for Drunk Driving — What Now?

In Missouri, a charge of drunk driving while intoxicated charge considers a variety of factors, mostly examining whether this is a first-time or whether the driving record has previous charges.  Driving While Intoxicated First, not everyone understands the difference between a Driving Under the Influence (“DUI”) charge from a Driving While Intoxicated (“DWI”) charge. Fortunately, in Missouri, there is no difference. This might be surprising considering the fact that the media and other states distinguish the two crimes from one […]

A Guide to Crime Victims’ Rights in Missouri

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol Statistical Analysis Center, 32,348 violent crimes were committed in 2017. In each of those crimes, someone was a victim. Should you be a victim of a violent crime, you are entitled to specific rights by law. General Victim's Rights All victims of violent crimes have specific general rights. They are: To be present at all criminal proceedings To confer with the prosecutor regarding all hearings and pleas To be present at any probation […]

What Happens with a First Time Drug Offense in Missouri?

A drug offense in Missouri is serious as laws are particularly strict. Penalties can involve heavy fines and incarceration. In most cases, first-time offenders are treated more leniently than repeat drug offenders but penalties will depend on many factors. How Missouri Defines Drug Possession Missouri law says that you are in “possession” anytime you knowingly control and handle a drug. Even if you are pulled over, and the police find drugs in your car that your friend put there, you […]

Drunk Driving Lawyer: Effective Defenses

Drunk driving is a serious offense and not something to take lightly. However, it does not have to be a death sentence.  In order to produce a positive outcome in your case, you need to hire a drunk driving lawyer as soon as possible.  Even though there are many defenses to a drunk driving charge, the best defense you can put forth is a skilled and experienced drunk driving lawyer. Below are effective defenses against drunk driving that you and […]

Top Five Questions to Ask During Your Drug Possession Attorney Consultation

If you have been arrested for drug possession in Springfield, MO, then it is imperative you hire a drug possession attorney as soon as possible.  Hiring an attorney is the only way to preserve your rights, case, and construct a great defense.   Missouri is really cracking down on drug possession, that is why an aggressive and well-crafted defense is essential.  Having a drug possession attorney helps also preserve all your options, not to mention your attorney will know the court […]