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The Rise of Teen Sexting: The Fine Line Between Flirting and Pornography

In this day and age, technology poses a larger threat to American's youth than it ever did before.  Teenagers have access to technology in new ways; the number of cell phones owned by teenagers has only increased in the last ten years. New dangers not previously anticipated have been created, including teenagers and young adults sexting each other without knowing the consequences. If you are in threat of being charged with a crime related to sexting underage photos or receiving […]

What To Do If You’ve Just Been Arrested in Springfield, MO

Any time you are arrested, whether it was the first time or the fourth time, it is a scary and overwhelming experience.  It is often that your mind will race with questions like “why” and “how.”  You should not feel alone, which is what most police officers may end up making you feel like.   You are bombarded with questions and accusations, and then your rights are read to you. Listen carefully to those Miranda Rights being read to you because […]

Cooperating With Police Important During Drunk Driving Arrests

Being arrested for drunk driving is not something we are prepared to embellish.  Tears, fears and potential punishments race through your intoxicated mind, the alcohol obviously intensifying your emotional state.  Upon arriving at city or county jail, you will literally hit rock bottom seeing the numerous murderers, rapists and burglars being treated like you are about to be.  Take it from an experienced drunk driving defense attorney – cooperating yet not being overly cooperative is one statement that may help […]

A Sex Crime Lawyer Helps Defeat Internet-Based Crime Accusations

FBI’s well-publicized Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) provides an easy, clandestine method to report the many wrongdoings in cyberspace. All sex crimes, from child porn to even duplicitous sales of young children, the internet crimes are documented then sent to IC3. They get looked over, passed on to local or federal law enforcement, then on to the next batch. Problems arise when the world can access the site, and flagrantly report alleged wrongdoing simply because they cannot stand someone. Some […]

Does Victim Representation Get The Attention It Deserves?

During the due process, criminal defense attorneys and prosecutors battle in court over right, wrong, application of the law and various contingencies. Often times, the state represents the interests of the victims involved, even if that means not keeping their interests first. So, what say does the victim get in whatever court decisions are rendered? Although television shows depict victim impact statements and similar scenarios where victims are involved, speaks much differently. In fact, cohesive victim representation is scarce. Importance […]

Can a Drunk Driver Defense Attorney Save My License?

The most important asset any Missouri worker has is their driver’s license. It is necessary not only to commute to work, it is needed to perform some jobs like Uber driving or delivering goods across the state. When an individual is adjudicated guilty for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the first part of one’s punishment involves loss of driving privileges. Is it possible for an experience drunk driver defense attorney to spare such inconveniences and help DWI […]

Guide to Selecting a Drunk Driver Defense Attorney

Drunk driving is definitely an epidemic in our country, with two out of three people being affected by a drunk driving vehicle collision in their lifetime, and over 300,000 individuals in the U.S. driving drunk every day while only 3,200 are actually arrested.  Drunk driving arraignments take up almost half of the court’s docket. However, police officers are still required to follow appropriate procedures, the defendant is entitled to due process, and the district attorney is required to prove their […]

10 Tips From An Attorney If You Have Been Charged With Drug Possession

If you have been charged with drug possession, whether this is your first offense or one of many, the following tips can help change the outcome of this specific charge.  Your greatest asset is a skilled drug possession attorney and a commitment to yourself. 1. You need a qualified and experienced attorney Even if you have been charged with a misdemeanor, a criminal charge is a serious matter that people should not take lightly.  Representing yourself is never the best […]

What To Do After You Have Been Convicted of a Felony

What to Do After You Have Been Convicted of a Felony Being convicted of a felony can be a serious event, not only affecting your personal life, but also affecting your future employment, housing, and potential stigma.  For certain types of felonies, you may not be eligible to receive federal student loans and unable to attend higher education institutions.  Felony law firms are best able to explain what areas are affected the most and how to navigate those issues.  Examples […]

Potential Awards and Settlements

Being the victim of a crime can be devastating and overwhelming.  In addition to the emotional drain, being a victim of a crime can also be financially devastating.  There are two main ways in Missouri for a victim to receive compensation if they are the victim of a crime.  Thankfully, with the help of a victim representation firm, victims have the opportunity to receive compensation. Crime Victim Compensation The National Crime Victim Compensation fund is available in every state.  In […]