Does Victim Representation Get The Attention It Deserves?

During the due process, criminal defense attorneys and prosecutors battle in court over right, wrong, application of the law and various contingencies. Often times, the state represents the interests of the victims involved, even if that means not keeping their interests first.

So, what say does the victim get in whatever court decisions are rendered? Although television shows depict victim impact statements and similar scenarios where victims are involved, speaks much differently. In fact, cohesive victim representation is scarce.

Importance of victim representation\

During an investigation into whatever crimes are alleged, victims often stay away. Not necessarily by choice, but perhaps driven by fear of recurring incidents. Victim representation attorneys that are retained by those aggrieved means they can remain out of harm’s way but still receive valuable updates. Also, they can give statements through attorney should they fear facing their attacker, or family member’s killer.

If nobody represents the victims in crimes, then everyone is complicit to the ongoing pain and agony being felt by the hurt individual. Victim representation solves many issues that arise during criminal cases, even with the state representing the interests of victims.

Victims of civil cases need represented, too

See what we’re talking about.

Victims of crimes are not necessarily those who have been battered or seriously injured. Sometimes, the victim happens to be someone that had their identity stolen, or was defrauded out of their life savings. That type of representation requires a special attorney-client relationship to get through.

Personal injury matters may require victim representation, too. Especially if family members aren’t readily available, and you are wanting to seek trial but don’t believe your presence will provide much help. Same goes for employment loss and other matters of law.

Did you know victims of criminal injustices may be able to file civil suits against their wrongdoers? It is true. Many crimes that have some form of ‘loss,’ albeit inability to return to work, enjoy your wife or husband, and maintain the same standard of living you did prior to the incident are civilly litigable. This is yet another area where victim representation is vital.

Representation of victims is vital

Most people agree.

Exercising your constitutionally protected rights is what victim representation attorneys do best. Not only the U.S. Constitution but Missouri’s as well.

To create an effective victim-attorney relationship, victims should be concise in what they’re requesting an attorney to perform, while attorneys operating at this capacity should outline what services can be rendered. Accepting each other's boundaries, like avoiding unrealistic expectations, will lessen the likelihood unwarranted frustration and disappointment will arise.

All told, an attorney can double as your closest friend during an unwanted run-in with the law. Just remember to clearly define the expectations you have, and be ready to receive the expectation of the victim representation attorney.

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NOTE: This is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.